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Most households do not have lockable liquor storage areas so it is easy for children or teenagers to access and take alcohol without permission. Stop this from happening by securing your liquor at home with the Catalyst Tantalus Bottle Lock. This durable lock can fit onto most standard and 1.75 size bottles and comes with two sets of keys, which should be stored in a secure location, so you will be assured that your children will not be able to take alcohol without permission. The Catalyst has an easy application, just slide the unit down the bottleneck as far as it will go, squeeze the unit closed until it stops and turn the key to lock in place. To remove, turn the key to unlock unit and simply remove the bottle.

Tantalus™ launched by Catalyst

– the first lockable alcohol security device for consumer use –

World-leading retail security tag manufacturer Catalyst has entered the consumer market for the first time with Tantalus™, the first lockable alcohol security device designed for simple consumer use, both in and out of the home.

Now available in both single and triple packs, the simple device allows people to easily control access to wines and spirits in the home. From parents looking to restrict children and teenagers’ access to alcohol, to adults wishing to prevent their expensive malt whiskies or fine wines from being accidentally consumed, Tantalus™ is easy to use and fits most standard alcohol bottles.

Each Tantalus™ device comes complete with its own individual keys. As well as restricting access to alcohol in the home, the easily-portable Tantalus™ can also be adapted to many other uses, including in hotels and bars, for students in shared accommodation and public events.