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Most design cases showed on are collected from the network, and most have applied for national patents, patent belongs to the author or the designer himself, bottle-shaped design of the network do not have this kind of design copyright and patents. Marked "shared" web design work on the detail page, "original, Bhd.", "non-commercial use authorization" by designers such as design drawings released for reference exchange purposes. We reject the cottage, respected the original! Does not support direct copy imitation, promoting creative learning! For commercial use, the need to obtain the patent owner authorization, and follow the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations. As a result of the illegal use of disputes, all the consequences borne by the user.

as a bottle-shaped material shared network service providers, does not have sufficient monitoring capabilities to illegally reproduced occurred piracy . But when the alleged infringement of the copyright holder, and to produce sufficient proof of copyright material, bottle-shaped design web obligation to remove pirated and illegal reprint works and discontinue communication. Network design is not liable for infringement of others on the site such implementation, tort liability shall be borne by the member. Users bottle-shaped design network conditions as agreed to in the preceding paragraph to take corresponding measures.

If the copyright owners find their works have been infringed, please notify the United States of the right-lin bottle-shaped design network, and proof of identity, proof of ownership, the specific link (URL) and detailed proof of infringement sent to the server @ id-bottle. com. Bottle-shaped design network after receipt of the above legal documents related to the allegedly infringing content is removed in 5 working days.