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About Milion Bottle Design is one of Milion Industrial Design Ltd.'s website. Dedicated to the collection and sharing of the latest domestic bottles and bottle-shaped case design packaging information, but also provides professional custom bottle-shaped packaging design services for brands. Its main brand for emerging operators, with the slogan "Let every brands can have a unique design of the product!."

We has nearly a decade bottle packaging design experience and expertise, focusing on market analysis, product positioning and overall brand planning. Mei Lin believes that innovation is the packaging design fashion fundamental. Apply using the mechanical design of products in today's market is not in circulation, if your appearance or packaging can not breathtaking, consumers will be ignored, and how to reflect the value of the product itself? Excellent package design should have artistic, poetic, able to communicate with consumers intuition and vision instantly grab consumers.

 We designed the bottle appearance of practicality and creativity combine and play to the extreme. Company brings together a number of outstanding industrial design and packaging design talent, providing a steady stream of creativity, providing a one-stop solution for product development, brand operators, including creative design, design (ID), Functional Design (FD), mold analysis, patent applications, brand planning the whole process, to provide standardized, intuitive, detailed design drawings and objective and accurate analysis of copy.

We "integrity, fast, cooperation and win-win for our customers to keep business secrets" philosophy. Advertising and brand operators and companies planning to establish a long-term relationship, involving plastic bottles, household chemicals, beauty salons, maternal and child products, food, alcohol and other industries.

Professional design: various bottle-shaped packaging (washing, skin, hair, perfume, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, bottle) shape, bottle / pot / cup / pot / pots / boxes and other container products.

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Milion's vision: integrated development chain, allowing brands to quickly develop new products on demand!

To create the most comfortable working environment for designers, green, breathing, quiet, low-level, user-friendly, with a feeling of home. Allows designers to relax and concentrate more creative thinking spirit was easier to nurture inspiration. Allows designers to fall in love with the design work, fell in love with our‘s office.